August 2014

A Closer Look #142

Sabbatical Visitor Spending Fall at AWRI

Dr. David Fowle is conducting his sabbatical in Al Steinman’s lab this Fall 2014 term.  David is an Associate Professor in the Geology Department and the Associate Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Kansas.  He received his PhD from the University of Notre Dame in Biogeochemistry.  Broadly his research focuses on how microorganisms influence the cycles of trace elements and carbon in the environment.  His approach to studying these systems relies on field observation, and lab and field-based experiments and has been conducted in the Great Lakes, Ancient Lakes in Indonesia, Wetlands and Northern soil environments.    Examples of specific research questions investigated include using large iron-rich lakes as analogues for the early earth, quantifying how methane is consumed by microbes in the absence of oxygen, and whether microbes can be used to predict the location and quality of mineral resources.

David Fowle