October 2014

A Closer Look #144

Robert B. Annis Field Station Update

Robert B. Annis Field Station

Robert B. Annis Field Station Update

It has been more than one year since we opened and dedicated the R.B. Annis Field Station here at AWRI.  The building has been well-used!  Here are just a few of the activities that have been taking place:

•             Research efforts on the invasive aquatic weed Eurasian watermifoil have essentially doubled with the ability to have year-round tank space; these studies have resulted in a better understanding of this plant’s genetic variability and sensitivity to herbicides.

•             A new project being led by Dr. Kevin Strychar focuses on a shrimp-like organism, Diporeia, which historically has been a key food source for fish in the Great Lakes but has become almost non-existent . Dr. Strychar’s team is researching possible reasons for this die-off.

•             A dedicated space for the biosand water filter project has allowed us to continue our work in optimizing the performance of these units before they are deployed in developing countries, such as Haiti.

•             New growth chambers have allowed researchers in Dr. Al Steinman’s lab to better understand the importance of sediment phosphorus in triggering harmful algal blooms in local lakes.

We thank the tremendous support we have received from the community and our sponsors, which allowed this building to be constructed.  Our plans and aspirations have not changed with our new facility:  we continue to conduct research that results in better collaborations, better science, and better solutions.