January 2015

A Closer Look #146

Andrya Whitten

Greg Chorak

Samantha Morsches

AWRI presents at the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

AWRI was well represented at the annual meeting of the Michigan Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, which was held recently in Bay City.  The annual meeting provided a venue for scientists to discuss their research on fish in Michigan.  Several students and staff working in Dr. Carl Ruetz’s laboratory presented research that focused on drowned river mouths lakes (a prominent feature on Lake Michigan’s eastern shoreline) as well as fish identification:

  • Brandon Harris gave an oral presentation on his master’s thesis research that examined the movement patterns of adult lake sturgeon in Muskegon Lake and the Muskegon River.
  • Undergraduate Samantha Morsches, graduate student Travis Ellens, and staff member Andrya Whitten each presented posters on their research that was broadly focused on understanding patterns of fish assemblages in drowned river mouth lakes.
  • Staff member Greg Chorak presented a poster on his research that used genetic tools to aid in the identification of two fish species that can be difficult to distinguish in the field.

In addition to the presentations, many of the students and staff participated in a continuing education workshop focused on statistical aspects of sampling freshwater fish populations.  Overall, the conference provided a valuable opportunity for AWRI’s students, faculty, and staff to share their research with Michigan’s scientific community, learn about cutting-edge research, and pursue professional development.