May 2015 Newsletter

A Closer Look #150

AWRI Summer Student Interns

Pictured above, left to right:  Tina Scott; Drew McWilliams; Brittany Jacobs; Gabrielle Thelen; Emily Luke; and Nick Weber.

One of the joys of summer at AWRI is our student intern program. This summer, we welcome 6 student interns to the Institute. These students are funded by a variety of sources and work with different principal investigators.

Tina Scott is being funded in part through the D.J. Angus-Scientech Educational Foundation; she will be working with Janet Vail and Carl Ruetz.   

Five interns are being funded through the R.B. Annis Foundation: Drew McWilliams will be working with Rick Rediske; Brittany Jacobs will be working with Al Steinman; Gabrielle Thelen will be working with John Koches; Emily Luke will be working with Kevin Strychar and Mark Luttenton; and Nick Weber who will be working with Bopi Biddanda.

A special welcome to all of these bright, young researchers for their hard work and dedication, and a heartfelt thank you to our generous funders!