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May 2017

LMC Activities

Mark Luttenton was interviewed for a promotional spot related to a new project on the Muskegon River.  The project is headed by the Schrems West Michigan Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  The spot was sponsored by the Michigan Wildlife Council, was produced by WOOD TV, and was broadcast on EightWest on April 27.

Mark Luttenton was interviewed for a documentary on the Au Sable fish farm issue on May 6.

Charlyn Partridge attended the Freshwater Dunes Summit in Muskegon on May 8.

Charlyn Partridge, Rick Rediske, and Kevin Strychar all attended the Harmful Algal Bloom (HABs) Collaborative Meeting at NOAA-GLERL in Ann Arbor on May 15.

Rick Rediske attended the third of five Water Network Fellows meetings in Ann Arbor on May 12.

Carl Ruetz was interviewed by Jon Mills of WZZM 13 about the possible spread of Asian carp to Lake Michigan on April 27.

Al Steinman attended the annual Goodwill Achiever’s Luncheon on May 10.

Al Steinman had a radio interview with Shelley Irwin on May 12.

Al Steinman attended the Ottawa County Groundwater Taskforce meeting on May 16.

Janet Vail hosted a station at the 15th Annual Project WET Community Water Festival in Big Rapids on May 26.