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July 2016

LMC Activities

Deborah Dila, graduate student who worked with Bopi Biddanda, successfully completed her master’s thesis defense on July 8.  The title of her presentation was: From land to lake: Contrasting microbial processes across a Great Lakes gradient of organic carbon and inorganic nutrient inventories.

Emily Kindervater, graduate student working with Al Steinman, successfully passed her qualifying exam on July 26.  Committee members include Al Steinman, Rick Rediske, Mark Luttenton, and Jennifer Tank (University of Notre Dame).

Al Steinman participated in a Great Lakes Advisory Board/Science Information Subcommittee meeting held in Sheboygan, WI on July 20– 21.

Anthony Weinke, graduate student working with Bopi Biddanda, successfully completed his master’s thesis defense on July 20.  The title of his presentation was:  Green and choking: Exploring the dynamics of seasonal productivity and hypoxia in a Great Lakes area of concern and habitat blueprint estuary using time-series measurements.