August 2014


The W.G. Jackson traveled to Holland for six cruises on August 8 and 9.  The Macatawa Area Coordinating Council was the host.  Information about Project Clarity was part of the outreach.

Al Steinman was an invited guest on the Laurentian, hosted by NOAA, giving a tour of Muskegon Lake to U. S. Representative Bill Huizenga.

Al Steinman toured the Holland Dredge Placement Facility on August 15 as a possible staging site for Macatawa watershed restoration activities.

Al Steinman gave a tour of the AWRI facilities to Senator Debbie Stabenow and U. S. Representative Gary Peters on August 21.

Al Steinman hosted and participated in a meeting at the request of U. S. Representative Bill Huizenga regarding ballast water issues facing the Great Lakes.

Janet Vail attended a Muskegon Lake Restoration celebration on August 15, which included remarks by Senator Carl Levin.