October 2014


Bopi Biddanda and graduate student Anthony Weinke showcased Fellowship and Grant Opportunities with Michigan Space Grants Consortium at the Undergraduate Research Fair held on the Allendale campus on October 7.

Bopi Biddanda attended the fall conference of the Michigan Space Grants Consortium at U of M in Ann Arbor on October 18.

Rick Rediske attended the Environmental Hall of Fame meeting and the White Lake Delisting Celebration, both held on October 30.

Al Steinman hosted a Blue Economy Roundtable, organized by the University Research Corridor, at the Lake Michigan Center on October 9.

Al Steinman attended a Great Lakes Environmental Assessment and Mapping (GLEAM) meeting in Ann Arbor on October 24.

Janet Vail attended an advisory committee meeting for Cranbrook Institute of Science’s Freshwater Forum initiative.  The meeting was held in Lansing on October 2.

Janet Vail participated in dinner and dialogue sessions for the West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (October 9) and the Groundswell GLSI hub (October 16).

Janet Vail facilitated the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition’s quarterly meeting on October 30.  This completes her term as chairperson.