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#112 November 2011 Newsletter

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AWRI Hires Additional New Postdoctoral Researcher

Geraldine Nogaro, who joined AWRI in November of 2011, received her Ph.D in Aquatic Ecology in 2007 from the University of Lyon (France). She was a post-doctoral researcher at CEMAGREF of Lyon (France) and Wright State University (Dayton, OH) before joining AWRI. Her research is focused on how macro- and micro-organisms interact with their environment to affect biogeochemical processes in human-impacted aquatic environments. In particular, her PhD dissertation addressed the interactions between stormwater-polluted sediments and invertebrate bioturbation (the displacement and mixing of sediment particles and solutes), and how this impacted the physical and biogeochemical functioning at the water–sediment interface.

At AWRI, Geraldine will work with Dr. Alan Steinman on the relationship between invertebrate bioturbation and invasive filter-feeding dreissenid mussels on nutrient cycling and water quality in eutrophic Bear Lake sediments. Her results will help to improve our understanding of the ecological consequences of nutrient pollution and has important implications for on-going restoration efforts in the Muskegon Lake watershed, as we work to de-list the lake as a Great Lake Area of Concern.

LMC Events

Nov 8
A meeting of the Ruddiman Creek Stakeholders was held.

Nov 11
Series Seminar: Dr. Michael Pikaart of Hope College presented “Microbial source tracking to identify fecal contamination in the Lake Macatawa watershed”.

Nov 15
The Great Lakes Water Institute and AWRI held a collaborative meeting.

Nov 22
The NOAA Muskegon Lake AOC Habitat Restoration Design Project kick off meeting was held at AWRI.

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John Koches attended the Blue Economy Summit held by MASC and the Blue Economy Center on November 14 at MAREC.

Amanda Syers attended the 2011 Place-based Education conference in Lansing on November 9. It was sponsored in part by the Great Lakes Fishery Trust and the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.

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Several AWRI staff and students attended the West Michigan Undergraduate Science Research Conference in Grand Rapids, MI on November 12. Some of our students presented. Undergraduate authors are denoted by an asterisk, AWRI personnel are in bold.

Harris*, B.S., J.J. Homola, and C.R. Ruetz III. Comparing two common methods for estimating stream fish abundance.

Kneisel*, A., C.R. Ruetz III, A.D. Steinman, and S.L. Cooke. Is phytoplankton sufficient to support bighead and silver carps in Muskegon Lake?

Provo*, S., J.J. Homola, C.R. Ruetz III, and S.L. Kohler. Effects of disease relative to infection intensity on stream fish.

Weinke*, A. Tracking trends in Muskegon Lake Weather, Productivity and Hypoxia in real-time using a Lake Observatory Buoy.

Bopi Biddanda and his graduate student Nicole Horne recently attended and presented at the Michigan Space Grant Consortium’s Fall Conference in Ann Arbor, MI on November 12.

Biddanda, B. Oral. Exploring Submerged Sinkholes in Lake Huron and Finding Ancient Life.

Horne, N. Poster. Characterization of the Structure and Function of the Biofilm in the Biosand Filter Drinking Water System.

Sara Damm and Mary Ogdahl each gave presentations at a Ruddiman Creek Stakeholders meeting on November 8.

Jim McNair attended the 2011 annual meeting of the American Water Resources Association in Albuquerque, NM from November 7–11. He gave an oral presentation there on November 10.

McNair, J. Oral. Transport of Biological Particles in Streams: Do Particles Really Settle Exponentially, and Should They?

Whitney Nelson, a graduate student working with Al Steinman, was invited to give a presentation on Dec. 2 at Calvin College on her thesis research.

Rick Rediske was a recent guest lecturer in the Environmental Studies, ENS 201, course that Janet Vail is teaching.

Rick Rediske gave a presentation on the Mill Debris Project at an EPA/MDNRE/NWF kick off meeting for the Mill Debris project at AWRI on November 22.

Carl Ruetz gave a seminar titled Patterns of Fish Distribution in Drowned River Mouth Lakes, at Michigan State University’s Department of Fisheries and Wildlife on November 4.

Al Steinman was a guest lecturer in Eric Snyder’s BIO 610 course.

Amanda Syers prepared a poster titled Development of an Authentic Place-based Data set for Great Lakes Educators for the Michigan Space Grant annual conference in Ann Arbor on November 12.

Amanda Syers presented a Population Connection workshop at the Fall Science Update in Grand Rapids on November 16.

Ryan Thum gave a seminar titled Hybridization & the Evolution of Invasiveness in Milfoils at Western Michigan University on November 18.

Ryan Thum was a guest lecturer for Bob Hollister’s BIO 323 Aquatic and Wetland Plants course on November 29. Ryan spoke about AWRI and his work with aquatic plants.

Ryan Thum was a guest lecturer for Jim Dunn’s BIO 215 Ecology course on December 2. Ryan spoke about AWRI and his work with aquatic plants.

Janet Vail presented a talk on air quality and health at the Holland League of Women Voters forum on November 15.

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Ruetz, C.R., III, M.R. Reneski, and D.G. Uzarski. In press. Round goby predation on Dreissena in coastal areas of eastern Lake Michigan. Journal of Freshwater Ecology. Note: Reneski is a former GVSU student that did this research when she was an undergrad.

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AWRI In the News

“Spotlight on . . . The Muskegon Lake Shoreline Habitat Restoration Project”
WMSRDC (West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission) Special 2011 Annual Report Issue, November 2011
AWRI is part of this Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

“Muskegon Lake getting closer to removal from Great Lakes Area of Concern list.
Muskegon Chronicle, November 21, 2011
AWRI is not named in this article, but we do monitor Muskegon Lake and we have a part in this Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project.

“New life for the lake: dredging of contaminated Muskegon Lake mud nearly complete”
Muskegon Chronicle, November 28, 2011
AWRI is not named in this article, but we do monitor Muskegon Lake and we have a part in this Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project.

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