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York Creek Management Plan - Project Evaluation

10. Project Evaluation

An effective procedure for project evaluation is important to the timely and efficient completion of that project. There are numerous methods proposed for monitoring the progression of the York Creek Watershed Project through the proposed three year implementation period.

Among the most important, and most easily quantified, evaluation methods are biological surveys and the analysis of water chemistry and hydrology during implementation compared with the figures established for those parameters during the study period. The continuation of monthly water sampling and evaluation, whether by AWRI, MDNR, or another agency, is critical to the evaluation process. Equally important is the continuation of hydrology studies, such as were conducted during the study period by MDNR and AWRI. As the equipment used was on loan from MDNR, it is recommended that the same equipment be obtained for the implementation period. Should the equipment be unavailable, similar equipment should be purchased as part of the implementation process. The cost of such equipment is easily justified, as the control of stormwater runoff has been described repeatedly as the single most important action in reaching the stated goals. Again, it is critical to the success of this project to have reliable, effective, comparable evaluation methods of stormwater runoff monitoring.

Additional evaluation methods should be in effect for those parameters which are less easily quantified, such as the level of public participation. Measures of progress in this area could be based on the following:

  • The number of groups involved in the Adopt-A-Stream and drain stenciling programs on York Creek
  • The number of property owners participating in development of Resource Management
  • Plans for their property, including a willingness to participate on a cost sharing basis
  • The number of watershed residents, contractors, etc. attending workshops and seminars hosted by the project of one of its associated agencies
  • The number of alternate funding sources utilized
  • The number of corporate and other sponsors for a video documentary and/or additional video projects.
  • Continuous documentation of all implementation activities will be a part of the implementation process. Periodic reports describing the progress of the various implementation methods will be prepared.

In addition, the York Creek Watershed Advisory Committee (see Section 2.2 of this report) will continue meeting to evaluate, advise, and otherwise administer the activities associated with the implementation process.

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