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Lower Grand Watershed Interactive Tool (WIT) - Road Stream Crossings

FYI on Local Water Issues

One way to monitor surface water is by conducting road-stream crossing inventories. MDEQ has made available reports from past studies done. The reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF form and the pictures are in Microsoft Powerpoint (some Powerpoints are large files and take a little while to download). Click here for a brief summary of each field in the road/stream crossing attribute table.

Reports and pictures from road-stream crossing inventories are given below:

Bass Creek

Bellamy Creek

Crooked Creek

Deer Creek

Duck Creek
(Thornapple River)

East Branch Creek

Egypt Creek

Honey Creek

Indian Mill Creek

Lake Creek

Little Thornapple

Lower Coldwater River

Messer Brook
(Thornapple River)

Middle Coldwater River

Prairie Creek

Rush Creek

Sand Creek

Sessions Creek

Thornapple Tribs (Kent)

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Page last modified March 11, 2014