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Bear Creek Stewardship Plan - List of Figures and Tables


FIGURE 1: Bear Creek Watershed
FIGURE 2: Wetlands
FIGURE 4: Subbasin Delineation
FIGURE 5: Parcel Size Changes
FIGURE 6: Base Reference Map
FIGURE 7: Well Locations
FIGURE 8: Aquifer Vulnerability Index
FIGURE 9: Septic System Limitations
FIGURE 10: County Drains
FIGURE 11: Sedimentation
FIGURE 12: Fecal Coliform Monitoring Sites
FIGURE 13: Agricultural NPS Sites
FIGURE 14: Limitations for Basements
FIGURE 15: Transportation-Related NPS
FIGURE 16: Critical Area Designation
FIGURE 17: Implementation Areas


TABLE 1: Lakes of Five or More Acres
TABLE 2: 24-Hour Rainfall Frequencies
TABLE 3: Soil Types
TABLE 4: Soil Texture and Infiltration Rates
TABLE 5: Monthly Exceedence Flows
TABLE 6: County Coliform Monitoring Results
TABLE 7: Project Coliform Monitoring Sites
TABLE 8: Project Coliform Monitoring Results

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