AWRI Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

Richard R. Rediske, Ph.D.



Nutrient Analysis

Water Quality Investigations          Photo:: Brian T. Scull

Cyanobacteria Analysis


The Environmental Chemistry Lab conducts research on the interactions of anthropogenic stressors with biological systems and their mitigation. Anthropogenic inputs of toxic chemicals and other stressors such as pathogens, sediment, marine debris, and nutrients have altered the structure and function of aquatic systems and impacted critical drinking water supplies.  Our primary research areas include the Great Lakes Areas of Concern,  the assessment of contaminated sediments, cyanobacteria and their toxins, persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals in fish, water quality investigations, and biosand filtration.

We conduct field and laboratory based research in addition to performing laboratory analyses for Great Lakes based projects from NOAA, USGS, U.S EPA, MDEQ, MDOT, County Health Departments, and Lake Associations. Please visit our research page for more information on current and past projects.


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