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Angus & Jackson picThe Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute of Grand Valley State University operates two research and education vessels, the D.J. Angus and the W. G. Jackson. The normal operating season for the vessels is mid-April to mid-October. The vessels are designed for research and educational activities with group sizes of up to 26 participants on the D. J. Angus  and 28 participants on the W. G. Jackson.

The vessels are floating aquatic science laboratories that are primarily used to support the AWRI Outreach Education Program, but they are available for research as well. They are fully equipped for hands-on water quality studies by aquatic researchers, colleges and universities, general public, and fourth through twelfth grade classes.  Home port of the W, G, Jackson is Muskegon, Michigan, and the D.J. Angus docks in Grand Haven, Michigan.

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