AWRI Biddanda



Dr. Bopi Biddanda

Principal Investigator/Associate Professor

Scott Kendall

Research Biologist/Muskegon Lake Observatory Manager


Nicole Horne

Graduate Student

Role of Biofilms in Biosand Water Filter Systems

Leon Gereaux

Graduate Student

Carbon/Plankton Dynamics in Muskegon Lake

Michael Snider

Graduate Student

Cyanobacterial Mats of Lake Huron Sinkholes

Anthony Weinke

Undergraduate Summer Intern (2011-2013)

Anthony Weinke is a junior at Grand Valley State.  He is majoring in Biology-Aquatic Science as well as a minor in Chemistry.  At AWRI he will be assisting Scott Kendall with the Muskegon Lake Observatory Project.  He will also be helping graduate student Mike Snider with his project on microbial mats of the Lake Huron sinkholes. He plans to go on to graduate school in Marine Biology after he is done at GVSU.

Adam McMillan 

Undergraduate Summer Intern (2013)


Ashley Meyer working on the Muskegon Lake Observatory

Ashley Meyer

Target Inquiry Teacher Intern


Former Lab Members


Elizabeth Sommers

Undergraduate Student

Deb Dila

Graduate Student

Carbon and Microbial Gradients in Watersheds

Angie Defore

Graduate Student

Tom Holcomb

Research Technician

Buoy Observatory/IT Specialist


Steve Long

Undergraduate Student

Stephen was a junior biomedical science major at Grand Valley State University.  He is on the pre-med track but is leaving the door open to other professions upon graduation.  This summer is a great opportunity for him to spend time in the lab and get much needed research experience.  Since he is a biomedical science major, he is learning a lot of new information about lake ecosystems and microbial ecology. Stephen will be working on the buoy project in Muskegon Lake and also doing some research on bio-sand filters.  He hopes to spearhead a research project of his own this summer, although he is not sure yet what specifically to research. 

Kaitlyn Driza

Undergraduate Student

Garry Sanders

Graduate Student

Eric Strickler

Undergraduate Student

Tom Holcomb

Maggie Wienert

Undergraduate Students

Not Pictured

Mimoza Grajqevci

Cindy June

Chad Meece

Sarah Barnhard

Dan Kroll

Stephanie Gamble

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