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Anthony Weinke

Anthony Weinke w/ buoy sensors on Muskegon Lake


Lab/Buoy Manager

Grand Valley State University
Annis Water Resources Institute

740 West Shoreline Drive Muskegon, MI 49441

Office: 228 Lake Michigan Center
Phone: (616) 331-8798 Fax: (616) 331-3864




M.S. Biology-Aquatic Science GVSU 2016

B.A. Biology-Aquatic Science, Minor: Chemistry GVSU 2013





McNair, J. N., Sesselmann, M. R., Gereaux, L. C., Weinke, A. D., Kendall, S. T., and Biddanda, B. A. 2014. Alternative methods for estimating components of lake metabolism using process-based models of dissolved-oxygen dynamics. Fundamental and Applied Limnology (in press).


Weinke, A. D., Kendall, S. T., Kroll, D. J., Strickler, E. A., Weinert, M. E., Holcomb, T. M., Defore, A. A., Dila, D. K., Snider, M. J., Gereaux, L. C., and B. A. Biddanda. 2014. Systematically variable planktonic carbon metabolism along a land-to-lake gradient in a Great Lakes coastal zone. J. Plankton Res. 36: 1528–1542.                                                                              


McNair, J. N., L. C. Gereaux, A. D. Weinke, M. R. Sesselmann, S. T. Kendall, and B. A. Biddanda. 2013.  New methods for estimating components of lake metabolism based on free-water dissolved-oxygen dynamics. Ecological Modelling 263: 251-263.