Mathematics: Online Resources

How-to videos (also called screencasts):


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Lessons to read over:

Purple Math

This site has some easy to read lessons from algebra and trigonometry.

Understanding Mathematics

This site has some interesting questions about how you learn math followed by some lessons to read.

The Philosophy of Proving Trig Identities

Why you shouldn't work both sides to prove an identity.
Download a simplified version of the discussion.

Wolfram Math World

Resources for higher level classes (discrete math, number theory, etc).


Other helpful resources:

Register for WebAssign

Watch a short, helpful video created by a GVSU professor!

WebAssign Tips

Download this short pdf with some helpful WebAssign tips.

Print your own graph paper

Customizable Rectangular Grid Graph Paper

Polar Graph Paper

I just want a plain piece of graph paper.

Practice Tests from University of Missouri-Columbia

Practice tests for various content areas (algebra, calculus, etc).

Wolfram Alpha

Computational knowledge engine

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

A nice collection of online manipulatives that education majors should find useful.
MTH 097 and 110 students and instructors may also find helpful things.

Collection of Online Calculators

An interesting collection of calculators covering agriculture, aviation, gambling, music, clocks, nutrition, currency, and more.

Why isn't there a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?

You may have heard a famous anecdote about this.  Is it true?


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