Student Senate Cabinet


Pictured above is the 2015-2016 Student Senate Cabinet.

2016-2017 Cabinet

Ella Fritzemeier, President

Sean O'Melia, Executive Vice President

Jeremy Turnbull, VP for Senate Resources

Rachel Travis, VP for Finance

Beth Hopkins, VP for Campus Affairs

Malayna Hasmanis, VP for Educational Affairs

Brandon Fitzgerald, VP for Diversity Affairs

Nikhil Watsa, VP for External Relations

Noelle Milad, VP for Public Relations

Statement of Purpose

"The Student Senate Cabinet shall act as an advisory board, making suggestions and recommendations to the General Assembly, including the Senate operating budget, yearly goals, objectives, and changes to the bylaws and Constitution. It shall organize the agenda by reviewing the upcoming recommendations, resolutions and proposals prior to the General Assembly meeting. 

The Student Senate Cabinet shall take positions on behalf of the Senate when the General Assembly is not in session. Such Cabinet actions must be submitted to the General Assembly at the next regular meeting for ratification."


Members of the 2016-2017 Cabinet were elected on April 14, 2016. Their terms will officially end on May 1, 2017.

Business of the Cabinet

The Student Senate Cabinet works closely with each committee to ensure that Senators engage in and accomplish meaningful work to benefit the student body and the University community as a whole. Members of the Cabinet advise the President and work to collectively set the vision for the Student Senate.

Meeting Times

The Cabinet meets every Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Senate office (Room 0040 of the Kirkhof Center).

Organization Chart

View our organizational chart.