About GVSU Student Senate



Grand Valley State University’s Student Senate works to ensure that the student’s voice is continually heard by the University.  The Student Senate is comprised of 50 students who all serve on one of seven different committees.  The committees are: FinanceCampus AffairsEducational AffairsDiversity AffairsPolitical Affairs,Public Relations and Senate Resources.  All seven committees work to enhance student life, academics and the overall student experience at Grand Valley.



We, the members of the Grand Valley State University Student Senate, being determined to ensure the conveyance of the student voice to university governing bodies, the administration and the Board of Trustees in matters of institutional policies; to establish an effective and efficient, responsible and responsive student government; to retain the sole authority to appoint and remove student representation to all university standing committees and advisory boards; to be a body of dedicated, proactive leaders; to represent all students and their diverse, ever-changing needs


Looking Deeper:

Student Senate is composed of 50 representatives who are all elected by students every spring (with the exception of first-year representatives, who are elected shortly after fall classes begin). These individuals come from every corner of campus; they’re charged with establishing Student Senate’s official position on a variety of issues, as well as advocating for and carrying out its objectives.


A little more specifically, Student Senate works to investigate and resolve common student problems; advocate for the inclusion of students in the overall policy and decision-making processes of the university community; promote awareness of the student’s role in the academic community; enhance the quality and scope of education at the university, both inside and outside the classroom; and empowering students with opportunities to step up and be a leader.


Students: We invite you to join us. Contribute your ideas, bring your unique perspective and talents, and be a part of the big things we do. Every Grand Valley student is a member of Student Student, and there are dozens of opportunities to get involved.


For more information about us, do not hesitate to contact our office at 616-331-2333, or better yet, stop by and visit us in person. We’re located on the basement of Kirkhof Center in room 0040, and we’d love to meet you.

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