Join us for Halloween Tricks, Laker Treats on October 22 - 28, 2017

Homecoming is a week long Student Organization competition with a two-tier system. One tire for small groups and one tire for large groups. There is a week full of events for teams to participate in to earn points. The group with the most points will be the winner. Organizations are allowed to partner with other organizations.

This year Homecoming is between October 22 - 28. Check out the rule book for all the rules.

This year's theme is Halloween Tricks, Laker Treats!

Events include Glow in the Dark Dodgeball, Regent Reveal, Game Show Night, Haunted House competition, Sculpt-It non-perishable item food drive, LipSync, and tailgate.

Events for anyone to attend include: Regent Reveal, Game Show Night, Haunted House viewing, and LipSync!

For more information feel free to contact

Presented by Laker Traditions Team

Homecoming is coordinated by Student Life, which is a part of the Division of Student Services of Grand Valley State University.

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