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The 2014 Homecoming Theme is....

Back in Blue: A Laker Legacy!


Homecoming Logo Competition

Submit your idea of what the design should look like for our homecoming promotional materials!

Open to all Grand Valley students, with or without an art background, and submissions of any kind are encouraged.

Submission Guidelines:

Preferably done in Adobe Illustrator
A vectored image
Preferably submitted as a .ai file\
If .jpeg, use the highest possible resolution
Sized approximately 800px x 800 px

Please email your designs to 
with the subject "Homecoming Logo Competition"

Contest ends April 18, 2014.
Winner will be selected by Laker Traditions and the Alumni Association and will be contacted via e-mail before April 25, 2014.

Lakers shape their campus, community, and profession through innovation and inclusion. As a Laker for a Lifetime, now is your opportunity to submit a theme that showcases the spirit of the Lakers!

Presented by...

Laker Traditions & Alumni Relations

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