Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy

John Peck



Welcome from the Chairman of Physical Therapy


Thank you for your interest in Grand Valley State University’s Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. The mission of the Physical Therapy program at GVSU is "to advance the profession of physical therapy through excellence in education, scholarship and service." The mission is put into practice everyday of the program.

Our classes are offered in a variety of educational styles from traditional lecture format to small collaborative problem-based learning groups to clinical experience. Our faculty continually evolve their teaching methods to best suit the students while also challenging them. Our program is dedicated to evidence-based learning and practice with all faculty involved in research and many continue to practice clinically.

Clinical internships provide our students with real clinical experience under the supervision of licensed physical therapists. Students get the opportunity to further practice their knowledge and skills while serving the underserved of Grand Rapids, MI at student-coordinated and serviced pro-bono clinics.

his commitment to excellence continues into research. Students partake in a variety of research topics which include nutrition, vestibular rehabilitation, safe patient handling, manual therapy techniques, the role of physical therapy aides in the clinic, the risk of fracture in osteoporotic women, and individual case studies, among many others.

Students list numerous reasons for attending GVSU’s DPT program. Their reasons include:

  • Faculty credentials include 9 with PhD, EdD, JD and DScPT; and 11 with clinical specialization in orthopedics, sports, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, and manual therapy
  • 30 + Adjunct Faculty
  • Research experience for all students and potential for publication of student research
  • 4 advanced electives (sports PT, spinal manual therapy, neurologic PT and pediatric PT)
  • 38 weeks of full-time clinical internship in 5 settings across the United States
  • Ability to volunteer and coordinate Pro-Bono Clinics
  • State of the art research facility and instrumentation
  • 4 major hospitals close-by to provide educational experiences
  • 99% pass-rate on National Physical Therapy Licensure Examination

We look forward to discussing our program with you and welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to contact us through the College of Health Professions at or 616-331-5700.


John Peck

Dr. John Peck, PT, PhD
Professor and Chairman of Physical Therapy




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