Programs and Activities


In 1998, a structured mentor/mentee program was instituted by graduate students known as the "M&M" program. This program was designed to have GVSU campus women matched with African American students who wished to be mentored during their first year of college. Additional support was provided for non-traditional students who were returning to college. This program focused on meeting the social, academic, and emotional needs of Black women and students. Today we serve as a support group to existing campus mentor/mentee programs with the Women's Center and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Alumnae Affiliation

Past scholarship recipients are welcome to donate back to the endowment. Successful current students and graduates are all welcome to become mentors or members of PBW. We no longer collect dues, but individuals wishing to support the organization and contribute to the scholarship fund may do so by forwarding their donation to:

Tiesha Hogue
Treasurer, PBW 260 Lake Michigan Hall