For ease in planning, all audio visual and technical equipment needs may be requested through the Conference and Event Planning offices. Our knowledgeable staff will work with Media Services to meet your every need, large or small, and can help you determine the best equipment to meet your needs. We offer a full range of services and equipment to ensure a flawless presentation or meeting. When using our equipment you can count on our staff to be readily available to troubleshoot equipment and provide knowledgeable on-site support. The University reserves the right to determine extra and unusual technical support at an additional hourly fee. Every effort will be made to inform you of potential technical support charges. If you wish to have a technician dedicated to your event, the staff is available for an hourly charge.

Customers may preview their presentation materials, test equipment, and consult with a Media Services Technician anytime prior to the day of their event by appointment. Please call the Meeting and Event Planning Office at (616)-331-6620 to schedule an audio visual consultation.

Complimentary WIFI for event attendees!

Equipment Available Complimentary

  • LCD Projector-Corporate and GVSU Room Rates must apply.
  • Standard Projection Screen
  • Easels
  • Whiteboard with Markers
  • Assisted Listening Device - T Coil

*Please notify us of any equipment you will be providing.

Audio/Visual Equipment
Wireless Remote Control                                                                   $10.00 

Projection Screens & Drape
10' x 10' Cradle Screen                                                                      $20.00

Audio Equipment
Microphones - Desktop, Floor, Podium - PZM                                   $15.00
Microphone - Lavalier (Lapel Clip On)                                               $15.00
Microphone - Wireless (Lavalier or Handheld)                                   $40.00
Powered Speaker System (portable)                                                 $15.00 

Conferencing and Telephone Line Services
Small Group Videoconferencing                                                          Per Estimate
Telephone and Analog Line                                                                 $25.00 (Local outgoing calls only)
Audio Conference and Analog Line                                                     $35.00 (Local outgoing calls only)


Computer Equipment
Wireless Control    $10.00
Windows Laptop   $100.00
Note: Additional software may not be loaded

Projection Systems
LCD Data/Video Projector (ceiling mounted/portable). $200.00
Dual LCD Display (ceiling mounted) $250.00 - Social Events


Video Equipment
TV 27" with VHS DVD Combo      $25.00
Document Camera                        $35.00
DVD Player                                   $20.00


Wireless Presenter                       $15.00

Press Feed - (Audio/Video)                       $35.00
Press Feed - (Audio Distribution only)      $30.00
Satellite Downlink Service-first two hours $80.00
- each additional hour                                $20.00
Audio Visual Consultation (per hour) per quote Hookup Fee (cart and electrical when providing own equipment) $20.00


Easel Pad (Flipchart)         $10.00 
3M-Easel Pad (Flipchart)   $20.00

Phone: 616-331-6620 Fax: 616-331-6696 Email: Web:

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