Health & Wellness Ambassador Program


Ambassador Program Details - learn more about how to become an Ambassador or how to find an Ambassador in your area to help you to be more involved!

Because more and more people are spending their day sitting at a desk or inside an office, implementing health programs inside the workplace has become a vital piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle. Our Health and Wellness ambassadors are vital communicators to help direct faculty and staff to physical and emotional health programming, activities and resources offered by GVSU's Health and Wellness program. 

We encourage faculty and staff from all different departments, backgrounds, and who are at different stages of their very own health and wellness journey to  participate in our ambassador program.

This year, our ambassadors are participating in brand new programming and sharing their stories through a series of video clips. View our first few videos here.


Ambassador Directory - learn more about each of our wellness ambassadors and how they live healthy by choice. This directory includes short pieces of advice as well as photos from our 2013/2014 ambassadors.

2013/2014 List of Ambassadors 

Video Archives - Visit this website to view archived videos of ambassador meetings, relevant Health & Wellness tutorials, and more.   


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