Geographic Techniques

Geographic Techniques Minor (25 hours)

The Geographic Techniques minor is focused on acquiring expertise in geographic information systems, satellite and aerial remote sensing, cartography, the manipulation of large data sets, and statistics.

Completion of this minor will provide students with an enviable--and very marketable--set of tools. This minor is very skills-oriented and will strengthen a wide variety of majors.

Geographic techniques allow for the visualization and analysis of complex spatial (geographic) relationships that are essential to understanding underlying social, political, and/ or environmental processes that help the geographer/analyst understand change over space and time.

Expertise in these tools is also an important enhancement for future employment. Many employers use geographic techniques as part of their core business.

Students are required to complete the following courses:

  • GPY 200 Computer Cartography, 3 credits;
  • GPY 307 Introduction Computer Mapping/Geographic Information systems, 3 credits;
  • CS 160 Programming in Visual Basic, 3 credits;
  • CS 230 Hardware and Software, 3 credits.