Disability Support Resources

(Unisex or single stall)
  • Lake Michigan Hall - 1st floor - Room 120
  • Lake Superior Hall – 1st floor – single or family use
  • AuSable Hall - 2nd floor - Room 2202
  • Commons - 2 locations 2nd floor
  • Stadium - president's box - 2 locations
  • Community Centers at Laker Village, GVA and Ravines
  • Each Living Center unit has a single stall restroom that is available near the primary entrance to the bldg.
  • PADNOS: lower level (near elevator) 2 single use restrooms.
  • Turf Building: 2 single use facilities (south side exterior)
  • Kirkhof Center – Lower level: new addition (west side of bldg.)
  • Kirkhof Center – Upper level: new addition (west side of bldg.)
  • The Connection - single user "family" restroom on the main level
Pew Campus:
  • There are single stall restrooms in the lobby of Winter Hall.
  • Otherwise, Pew campus has accessible stalls in each restroom, but there are no other unisex or single stall restrooms.
  • There are single stall/unisex restrooms attached to lab spaces at CHS, and one for event space at DeVos, but these are really not accessible to the public.
  • DeVos: 5th floor facilities (needs a lock)
  • CHS: lower level (card access is required to gain access to the floor)
  • At the Bike Factory , there is a single use restroom on floors 2 and 3 (this is in the space leased by the university).

Page last modified March 14, 2014