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Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To authorize the highest performing charter schools.



To enhance student learning by providing oversight, compliance, and professional development to our charter schools.


  • School performance is measured at the individual student level.
  • Data is critical for informing decisions.
  • Accountability includes student achievement, compliance and fiscal responsibility.
  • Student success equals strong educational leadership, great teachers, effective governance, diversity, respect and continuous improvement.


Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Charter Schools Office’s (CSO) goals and objectives spring from the university’s values and have been developed to move the CSO towards its vision. They also provide a way to measure and report progress to university and charter school stakeholders.

Goal One 
The GVSU Charter Schools Office educates K-12 students by authorizing and supporting quality charter schools.

Goal Two
The overall growth rate of the charter schools using a nationally recognized norm reference test will achieve at the fiftieth percentile or higher across all grades and subjects for which the test is designed or will successfully achieve completion of ACT or WorkKeys assessment.

Goal Three
To maintain the highest level of portfolio academic performance, GVSU Charter Schools Office actively recruits competitive applications with strong evidence for improving student performance.

Goal Four
The GVSU Charter Schools Office uses a standardized start up process to assist new schools in being successful.

Goal Five
The GVSU Charter Schools Office is accountable to its stakeholders and the general public for providing information about student achievement, compliance, and financial decision.

Goal Six
The GVSU Charter Schools Office strategically manages its presence in Detroit.

Goal Seven
The GVSU Charter Schools Office will collaborate with the broader university.