Our Publications

The GVSU CSO creates three major publications detailing the wide variety of services and information the office provides. The Charter Schools Office Report and the Academic Achievement Analysis report are annual publications distributed in early September. The CSO also provides a digital E-Newsletter that is emailed quarterly. Here you will find current and past versions of each publication.

CSO Annual Report


The annual report takes an in-depth look at all aspects of the Charter Schools Office and highlights important events, programs and information from the school year. Whether you are curious about school profiles, performance data, or simply what goes on in the CSO, this report is the right publication for you. Click on the report cover to see what happened at the CSO in the 2012-2013 school year.

Archived Annual Reports

2012-2013 Annual Report 

2011-2012 Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report



2013-14 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

AAA Report


The Academic Achievement Analysis (AAA) report provides a basic performance overview of schools in the CSO portfolio, as well as a look at how our top schools compare to other top charters in Michigan. The AAA report also gives readers a general overview of the in-school services the CSO offers to schools, such as technology in the classroom, literacy instruction, data instruction and clinical observation.

Archived AAA Reports

2012-2013 AAA Report 

2011-2012 AAA Report

2010-2011 AAA Report




2013-14 AAA Report

2014 AAA Report



The E-Newsletter is a quarterly publication that we send out via email. It gives a brief overview of what has happened at the CSO during the past few months and notifies recipients of any important updates regarding CSO programs or policies. Click on the E-Newsletter picture to read up on recent news from our office.

Archived E-Newsletters

Fall 2014 E-Newsletter

Summer 2014 E-Newsletter

Spring 2014 E-Newsletter



Winter 2014 Newsletter

Winter 2013 Newslette