Photo Contest

We are now accepting submissions for the 2017-18 photo contest!

The photo contest is back! Each year, teachers and administrators from GVSU charter schools have the opportunity to win a cash prize for submitting excellent pictures of activity happening in their buildings. To enter the contest, submit the contest form, photos, and media releases electronically to Michael Cousins (  The deadline to submit photos is February 2, 2018.

Contest Rules

  • All individuals in the photo must be identified for release purposes. A signed release form for each person in the photo must be provided. Download photo release.
  • Each school must complete and sign the Photo Contest Overview. Download Photo Contest Overview
  • Each school can send up to 10 photos for consideration.
  • To be considered, photos must be 1MB or larger in size (for any questions regarding picture sizes please contact Michael Cousins at
  • Photos must be submitted in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format.
  • Only color photos will be accepted.
  • By entering, you warrant that the photograph you submit is original and is your own, and does not infringe on the rights of a third party. You further warrant that your participation in this photo contest does not violate any agreement between you and a third party.
  • If possible, please send an electronic version of the school's logo with your submission so it can be used in conjunction with the photo.
  • All photo submissions become the property of the GVSU Charter Schools Office and may be used in other printed publications, advertising, or on the website.

Winners from 2016-2017

1st: Knapp Charter Academy

Group of girls huddled together, smiling at camera

2nd: Muskegon Cov. Academy

Graduating student celebrating with young family member

3rd: Knapp Charter Academy

Group of young girls playing with fall leaves

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