Grand Valley welcomes multicultural students. Students of color impact the university by giving the majority students and staff an opportunity to interact with people other than those from their same background. The Counseling Center offers groups that explore cultural differences, racism, multiracial adoption, African American men or women and Latina women. The Counseling Center has an in-house diversity team that monitors diversity policies and strategies. Our doctoral interns are trained in multiracial counseling and frequently are from a multiracial group.


Diversity Report from GVSU's Institutional Analysis

Fall Enrollment 2013-2014

The Counseling and Career Development Center is dedicated to servicing all students. Last year, 15% of all the students seen in the Counseling Center were students of color.


Campus Resources

Office of Multicultural Affairs
1240 KC, 331-2177

Latin American Studies
1152 ASH, 331-2325

Student Life Organizations 

Affirmative Action

African / African American Studies
1152 ASH, 331-2325 

LGBT Resource Center
161 KC, 331-2530

Women's Center
1201 KC, 331-2748

GVSU Diversity Directory


Additional Resources


Diversity in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce

Grand Rapids Office of Diversity & Inclusion