Self-Help Directory

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A Toolkit to Help you Manage Life.

We have put together a diverse online toolkit to assist you in managing various issues that come up during your time at GVSU.


  • Take an Online Screening: Take short tests to help you decide if symptoms you're experiencing require further assistance.
  • Access Helpful Websites: We've combed through the Internet to provide you a list of the most helpful websites out there.
  • Explore Relaxation Techniques: Interested in mindfulness to calm your hectic life & reduce anxiety? We offer mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation audio and video tools to help you achieve results.
  • Self-Help Tips for Personal Issues: Personal issue resource sheets with tips and tools on a variety of topics, including grief, anxiety, body image and anger.
  • Self-Help Tips for School Issues: School-related resource sheets on topics which include study skills, test taking skills and presentation tips.