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Special Education Teaching Certification

The New Majors The program allowing teacher certification for Special Education at Grand Valley State University has changed in order to more closely align our program with the new State Board of Education standards. Grand Valley has developed a new program combining the new Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching major (CSAT), with the new Special Education major for those seeking certification in this area.
Date for All Students to be Following the CSAT and Special Education Majors All students entering the College of Education AFTER Fall, 2011 will need to complete the requirements of the new special education program combining the Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching and Special Education majors.
The Expired Major Previously, the major chosen by students seeking special education certification was Psychology-Teaching with an emphasis in Special Education.  This major is no longer accepted for admission to the COE for special education certification. The last date for admission to the COE with this major was Fall, 2011.
Helpful Resources
Major Worksheet The worksheet lists the required courses for the Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching major combined with the Special Education major.  Only courses needed prior to entering the College of Education are listed for the new majors on this worksheet. See the Four-Year curriculum guides below for the courses taken in the College of Education for the new program.
Transitions Guide List of courses that some students may have completed before Fall, 2010 that can be substituted for specific courses within the CSAT and Special Education majors.
Sample Five-Year Curriculum Plans for the CSAT and Special Education Major Combination Recommendations for coursework for each semester for CSAT majors seeking special education certification with either a Bachelors of Arts or a Bachelors of Science degree.

Honors College students can use the Honors Bachelor of Arts or Honors Bachelor of Science plans.
Prerequisite Sequences A chart to help you ensure that you stay on-track for a timely completion of the special education program.
Endorsement Options Two endorsements are required for special education certification at GVSU. There are five different combinations of endorsements from which to choose.
Coursework once admitted to the COE The semester sequences once in the COE and the specific courses taken in the COE for each of the possible endorsement sequences are described.
How to Declare the Appropriate Major(s) This document walks you through all the steps of the major declaration process for both programs. Some students declaring CSAT/SpEd majors will need to change their catalog year to do so.
Who are my Academic Advisors? An explanation of the advising resources available for special education students. Students are urged to seek academic advising very early in their program in order to gain the knowledge needed to stay on-track for graduation.
Transferring from GRCC Suggestions for coursework to complete at Grand Rapids Community College if you are transferring to Grand Valley to pursue special education teacher certification.
Additional Help If you have any questions about Special Education certification at Grand Valley, please contact the College of Education Student Information Center at 616 331-6650 or the CLAS Academic Advising Center, C-1-140 MAK, at 616 331-8585.

The "additional help" link takes you to a list of other resources that you will find useful, such as the link for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification web site.


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