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CLAS Major Requirements & Guides

This information below is provided for preliminary guidance in choosing a major. Minors can be found here. The plans by themselves are not sufficient for effectively planning your undergraduate program. Please make an appointment with the professional advisor in your major at the CLAS Academic Advising Center or with your faculty advisor in order to more fully understand the nature and requirements of any of these majors.

The requirements for a major are tied to your catalog year (the academic year you started at GVSU). Please make sure that when you are viewing requirements they are those for your particular catalog year.

Bachelor of Arts vs. Bachelor of Science?

Within some majors you have the option of selecting a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. For some majors the degree will already be designated. Click here to read more about the differences to help you better understand which one you should select if you have the option.

Declaring a Major

To declare a major, click a major below. The curriculum guide/major worksheet has instructions that will help you properly declare your major in Banner. Be sure that you are following the major worksheet for your catalog year.

Pre-Law Resources

Pre-law is not a major offered at GVSU but many students major in a variety of fields with this emphasis in mind. Visit the pre-law information page to get a better idea of what majors and classes you can pursue.