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Comprehensive Science & Arts for Teaching with Spanish

Programs change for different catalog years. Choose the guide(s) appropriate for your catalog year.

The CSAT/SPA program is only available for the catalog year fall 2014 and later. If you started at GVSU prior to fall 2014 and are interested in the CSAT/SPA program, please call the CLAS Academic Advising Center at 616-331-8585 to schedule an appointment with an advisor to go over the program requirements and how to update your catalog year.

Catalog Description of Major Requirements

Catalog Description of Minor Requirements

Major Worksheets
CSAT/SPA Fall 2014
CSAT/SPA Fall 2015

5-year Curriculum Plan
CSAT/SPA Fall 2014 (BA)
CSAT/SPA Fall 2015 (BA)

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