Affiliate Faculty Election

Affiliate Faculty Winter Election for 2017-18

CLAS Faculty Council (FC) is tasked with running the elections for seats on CLAS and University committees.  The Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee is a University committee approved by the Provost.

Faculty Council has verified the results of the election for the 2 seats on Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee.  The names of the 2 people whom you elected to represent you on AFAC are listed below.  Thanks to everyone who accepted their nomination and ran in the election.  Faculty Council hopes you will continue your involvement in faculty governance.

Congratulations to 

Jennifer Cymbola - BIO

Jill Morris - CHM



 If you have any questions, please contact the Chair of CLAS Faculty Council at  or 1-2118.




The role of this Advisory Committee is to represent the needs and perspectives of all University Affiliate Faculty and to provide recommendations to University bodies on matters which may impact Affiliate faculty responsibilities, with the goal of providing an optimal teaching and learning environment as well as increased advocacy, visibility, retention, and development for all Affiliate faculty.

To serve as a liaison between the GVSU academic community and University Affiliate faculty, and inform and advise UAS on factors that affect teaching and learning as well as advise on university wide policies and procedure in regard to Affiliate faculty role, work load, etc. The Committee will clarify the roles of and/or expectations for Affiliate faculty while increasing Affiliate faculty visibility at GVSU and maintain a collaborative relationship with Regular faculty. 



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Ballot  (this link will become live on the date announced.)

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