Rein in the Runoff: Stormwater Integrated Assessment in Spring Lake - Contacts

Thank you for visiting the Rein in the Runoff website, hosted by the Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University. Your feedback and input regarding this project is important. It will help us provide the most relevant and useful information to the residents that live near and around Spring Lake.

Please visit the Stormwater Education page and take the Rein in the Runoff Water Quality Survey, or send us your comments directly.

Project Leaders

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Alan Steinman
Director Annis Water Resources Institute (616) 331-3749

Project Team

Michigan Sea Grant
Dan O'Keefe
Southwest District Extension Educator
(616) 846-8250

Chuck Pistis
Extension Program Coordinator
(616) 458-6805
(517) 353-5508

Environmental Consulting &

(734) 769-3004

Sanjiv Sinha Director, Water Resources
Lisa Huntington
Senior Associate Engineer

GVSU Seidman School of Business
Paul Isely
Associate Professor of Economics
(616) 331-7418

GVSU School of Communications
Tim Penning
Associate Professor of Advertising and Public Relations
(616) 331-3668

GVSU Annis Water Resources Institute Information Services Center
(616) 331-3749

John Koches
Associate Research Scientist

Kurt Thompson
Research Associate/GIS Specialist

Jon VanderMolen
Technical Call-In