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CMS Modules and More

CMS 201 is the second class offered in the learning series about the CMS. It covers what Modules are available, as well as the "More" section of the CMS. 

If you haven't yet, it is recommended you become familiar with the CMS 101. The CMS 201 assumes you understand the basics of the CMS. Refer to the CMS 101 page for more information. 

Some Terminology


Modules are extra features that you can install to your CMS site.  They are available to everyone, but need to be installed in order to use. Examples of the modules are available below. 


These two terms are often used when describing the features of the CMS.  Modules are installed to the CMS, however, the content of the module is edited outside of the editor. A chunk refers to the buttons you see on the right-hand side.

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Ready to make your page better?

Are you ready to look at ways to improve your site? CMS 201 is all about taking your site and giving it that extra style. What you learn in CMS 201 will not only make your site look better, it will also be easier to maintain. 

All of this content is available via our YouTube Page. The links below are shortcuts to these videos. 

"More" Section


Wanting to make your site better?

Modules can be plural

Example of multiple modules being installed

You can install multiple instances of the same module. For example, you can have multiple accordion modules on different pages. This is also why it is helpful to provide an alias name when creating the module. 

Example of Modules

Do you want to see how the modules actually work?  Take a look at this page to see the modules live and in action

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