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What is the CMS?

The Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows you to create and make changes to a webpage, without needing to know code. 

The GVSU CMS was completely designed and created by the Web Team.  The CMS has gone through many iterations to become what it is today. 

To learn how to use the CMS, check out the many tutorials and the Web Team YouTube page. 

Before you begin


In order to gain access to the CMS, every person must complete an annual training on Accessibility.  This training is mandatory and must be completed prior to working in the CMS.  If you need to complete this training, you will be prompted once you are logged in. 


In order to log into the CMS, you must be a student or employee of GVSU. You must have an email address that ends in or  Shared accounts are not allowed. 

Computer screen with code on it

Let's Begin

In the CMS 101 class, we will be covering the basics of the CMS. This includes navigating the CMS, basic editing of webpages, and creating content. 

All of this content is available via our YouTube Page. The links below are shortcuts to these videos. 

Did you know?

There are 650+ websites in the CMS
The GVSU CMS was created in 2003
The CMS has over 1600 administrators

Wanting to make your site better?

Mobile vs. Desktop

Graph of Mobile vs. Desktop visitors

The number of people viewing a GVSU site on a mobile device is growing. In 2017, 25% of website visits from a mobile device. In 2018, that number went up to 29%. In 2019, 37.7% of website visits came from a mobile device. Keep this in mind as you design your page. 


Computer screen with GVSU PowerPoint on it

Where do your eyes go?   Pay attention when visiting other sites. What is the first thing you see?  Long sections of text do not jump out.  Try to break up text with other elements. 

GVSU Brand

GVSU Brand identity logo guide

Your website is a representation of GVSU. Therefore, it is important to follow the standards established. For more information, learn all about the GVSU Identity Standards

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