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Allendale Township Satellite Clerk’s Office at GVSU in Kirkhof Center Lobby

Allendale Clerk's Office Information

The names, contact information, and date and time the clerk's office is open on the Saturday before Election Day

Residency Information from the Allendale Clerk's Office

QR code to find your on-campus address, explanation of proof of residency, and what voting options students regarding in-person or absentee voting

Who can utilize the satellite clerk’s office?

Voters who live on or off campus in Allendale, except...

*Voters who live south of Pierce Street and east of 48th, you can go to the Georgetown Township Offices at 1515 Baldwin St. Jenison MI, 49429 to register, request an absentee ballot, and/or vote your absentee ballot.*

On-campus Allendale Addresses: May use the Satellite Clerk's Office in Kirkhof!

List of on-campus housing Allendale Addresses

Georgetown On-Campus Addresses: May not use the Satellite Office in Kikrhof; Must Go to 1515 Baldwin St, Jenison

List of all addresses on campus that must go to the Georgetown polling location and clerk's office in order to register and vote

Hours of Operation of the Satellite Clerk's Office for the Presidential Election




Wednesday 10/30/24

10:00 a.m.

3:00 p.m.

Thursday 10/31/24

10:00 a.m.

3:00 p.m.

Friday 11/1/24

10:00 a.m.

3:00 p.m.

Tuesday 11/5/24 - ELECTION DAY - Please visit to find your polling place and VOTE!



Important Voter Information for GVSU Students with red background.

Early Voting Options:

- Register to vote and cast your ballot during the nine days of early voting in one of four locations in Ottawa County. The nine days run from Saturday, October 26th through Sunday, November 3rd.


For information regarding early voting in Kent County, please visit:


On Election Day:

If you are a resident of Allendale:

- If you are already registered to vote in Allendale, you need to vote at the Allendale Township polling location: (Life Stream Church, 6561 Lake Michigan Dr., Allendale, MI)


If you are a resident of Georgetown Township, (Campus View Apartments, South Campus Living Centers, south of Pierce Street and east of 48th Ave.), you need to register and vote at the Georgetown Township polling location (Wellspring Church, 4466 Bauer Rd. Hudsonville, MI).


*To check your registration status and confirm your polling location, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.*

An open door with red, white, and blue, signage and balloons for the Allendale Satellite Clerk's office.
Several voting booths with red, white, and blue decorations and balloons.
A student registering to vote in front of a register to vote sign
a hand holding a GVSU votes button
Red, white, and blue resource flyers, buttons, and pens are positioned on a table by a window.
GVSU Votes! yard sign

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