Mission, Vision, Core Values


The Division of Student Services fosters lifelong learning through programs and services that engage all students in the University community, support their academic, personal and professional goals, and positively impact student success.


The Division of Student Services strives to be a leader in the field of Student Affairs, providing exemplary programs and services that enhance student success and advance an unparalleled educational experience that creates engaged and independent students who are prepared to be active, principled contributors, and leaders within their professions and communities.

Core Values

  • Learning- We value lifelong learning by providing engaging real world opportunities that enhance the classroom experience by teaching our students valuable life skills, which prepare them for success after college.
  • Community- We value community and we continually work to strengthen our ties to the University, the local community, and beyond through active citizenship, traditions, teamwork, and collaborations.
  • Academic Success- We value academic success as demonstrated by our inclusive approach to student development through our comprehensive support programs and services, our partnership with Academic Affairs and the Academic Colleges and our respect for the core academic mission of the University.
  • Diversity- We value and appreciate diversity by promoting education, respect, and civility through our partnership with the Division of Inclusion and Equity and our inclusive and accessible programming and services for all students.
  • Personal Development- We value personal development by providing programs, resources, and mentoring designed to promote students’ growth and talent development in their journey to become their best selves.
  • Professionalism- We value professionalism, respect, and interpersonal excellence by providing high quality services and programs which enhance the student experience, respond to the changing demands of the University environment, and prepare our students to have professional interactions during and after their time at Grand Valley State University.
  • Free Expression- We value and support an individual’s right to free expression of thoughts including the right to hold and voice opinions, consider the perspectives of others, and seek, receive, and impart information and ideas.
  • Mental & Physical Wellness- We value the mental and physical wellness of our campus community by providing holistic programs, activities, and services that help support healthy lifestyles and promote student success.

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