The Tale of Family Weekend 2019

Written by Leah Erben

Posted on October 1, 2019

Once upon a time, in the far-off land of Allendale, you invite your loved ones to come visit you for GVSU’s annual Family Weekend. Little do you know, you and your family are in for an adventurous weekend complete with a parade, comedy, golf, movies, a Renaissance Festival, football, family bonding, and much more. Here is the magical tale of the weekend you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

Chapter 1: Friday, October 4

Your family arrives at campus, eager to see what their favorite Laker has been up to these past few weeks. You admit that you’ve kind of missed them, and you delight in giving your family a tour of campus and showing them what life is like at GVSU.

Next, you all journey downtown Grand Rapids where you walk along the river and check out the Food Truck Friday happenings at Riverside Park. Your family is in awe of what a beautiful city you live near and they are all jealous that you get to go to Grand Valley and they don’t.

After dinner, you come to a crossroads. Should you head to downtown Holland for the Fire Truck Parade showcasing over 50 trucks? Should you stay in Grand Rapids and see an improv show at the Comedy Project? Or maybe you’re a classy bunch looking to spend an evening at the symphony. Whatever decision you and your family make, it is sure to be an enchanting evening of quality family time and making memories.

Family Weekend 2019 logo. A blue background with the illustration of a book with the GVSU anchor hand sign.

Chapter 2: Saturday, October 5

Saturday morning, you awake with a start. Your family is still in town! There’s so much to do! You meet up with them at the hotel they are staying at and head to Holland for the lovely Farmers Market

After purchasing some fresh produce, maybe you want to go golfing with the fam or check out GV’s own Renaissance Festival. Later, you choose between these magical options: go to the GVSU Boat House to learn how to row with the GV rowing team, get your mind blown by mentalist Mat Lavore, or learn about aquatic ecology on the W.G. Jackson Vessel Cruiser. 

You end the day by showing your family true Laker Pride at the Family Weekend tailgate — complete with burgers, veggie burgers, and snacks — and a GVSU football game.

The Grand Valley Green Show at the Renaissance Faire.

Chapter 3: Sunday, October 6

Before your family has to hit the road, you take advantage of the free RHA pancake breakfast happening in Holton Hooker. Afterward, you and the fam stop by the Laker Store to get everyone a hoodie of their own to match their Family Weekend t-shirts. All decked out in Laker gear, they somberly trudge to their car and leave Allendale. You sigh sadly as they pull out of the parking lot. But your heart is still full as you reflect on the adventures you shared and memories made at GVSU Family Weekend 2019.

GVSU Family Weekend "swag" including pennant flags.

The End

If you want to live happily ever after and make this adventurous tale your reality, invite your family to GVSU’s Family Weekend! Register today and find all the information you need on the Family Weekend website.

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