Stay Caffeinated with Grand Valley's Favorite Coffee Shops

Written by Isabella Gielniak
Posted on February 23, 2022

Feeling bitter? You’re in luck! We asked you on social media about your favorite places to grab a brew-tiful cup of coffee, and the results are in. We cannot “espresso” how excited we are to share Grand Valley’s top four favorite coffee shops!

Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge

4. Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge

In fourth place is Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge. Just a short walk from a Laker Line stop, Lantern offers a variety of smooth-tasting coffees, lattes, and cortados. You will never get bored at Lantern because there are plenty of rotating seasonal items, like this season’s vegan s'moreuccino! If you are looking for a coffee shop as unique as its menu, check out Lantern.

Morning Ritual Coffee Bar

3. Morning Ritual Coffee Bar

Many of you make Morning Ritual Coffee Bar a part of your morning ritual, making it number three on the list. This cute and comfy coffee shop has a wide variety of options, so even if you’re not the biggest coffee drinker, you can enjoy beverages like the rose quartz tea latte, moon milk, and lavender dream soda. Stop by Morning Ritual for a fresh cup of a delightful drink.

The Sparrows Coffee and Tea

2. The Sparrows Coffee and Tea

Our runner-up best coffee shop is The Sparrows Coffee & Tea Newstand on Wealthy Street in Eastown. With many vegan and gluten-free options on their unique menu, Sparrows is home to soothing chais and marvelous mochas made with local ingredients. Visit Sparrows to experience their great-tasting coffee and immaculate vibes.

Madcap coffee

1. Madcap

The number one coffee shop you voted for on social media is (drumroll please) Madcap Coffee! Madcap has all the classics that coffee-lovers enjoy: lattes, Americanos, and cappuccinos, plus fresh baked goods and breakfast foods. If you’re in the mood for something fanciful, Madcap also offers many unique seasonal items, from orange and grape jelly-hinted espresso to seasonal teas of all flavors. With its class and style, it’s no surprise that Madcap is your number one ranked coffee shop!

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