Small Businesses to Support in Our Community

Written by Andreas Fields
Posted on January 28, 2021

There are many small businesses in the Allendale and Grand Rapids area that could use your support right now. COVID-19 has made things difficult for small businesses everywhere, so if you’re able, order takeout from a family-owned restaurant or buy some books from a locally owned shop!

Find out more about some of the wonderful small businesses in our community.

1. Main Street Pub

Main Street Pub is a popular restaurant just over a mile away from Grand Valley’s Allendale campus. Offering many pub staples like burgers, fries, and chicken wings, Main Street Pub also provides signatures like pickle fries and fire sticks. If you are in the Allendale area and are considering ordering out, give Main Street Pub a try!


2. Dorados Mexican Grill & Bar

Dorados Mexican Grill & Bar, located in Hudsonville, is a relatively new restaurant in the area, and it’s definitely worth checking out! With an expansive Mexican menu that can cater to anyone’s needs, Dorados Mexican Grill & Bar could soon become a favorite with students across campus.


3. Books & Mortar

A self-described “proudly progressive, fiercely independent” bookstore owned by Jenny Kinne, Books & Mortar has selections in many different topics like history, social justice, and biographies. Books & Mortar takes pride in its library of books that cater to audiences of all ages. If you’re really looking to learn, considering looking at Brooks & Mortar.


4.  The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah is a vibrant and exciting offering in Grand Rapids. Its craft root beers are a stand out, but so is the lively atmosphere. The pun-filled menu items add to the unique nature of The Electric Cheetah. If you want to order from one of Grand Rapids’ most innovative restaurants, consider The Electric Cheetah.


5. Adored Boutique

Grand Rapids’ Adored Boutique gives customers a wide range of women’s clothing to choose from, as well as some unique services. Personal shopping is available for customers in store or online for free. Consider Adored Boutique for a shopping experience like no other!


These are just some of the many lovely small businesses in the area that would greatly appreciate your support.

Help out our community while also trying something new!

Shop Local

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