SLWeeklyRatesDogs: Paw-some Dogs at GVSU

Written by Andreas Fields
Posted on November 18, 2021

There are so many cute dogs owned by members of our Grand Valley community, and each one seems to be great at showing off their Laker pride. We wish we could pet them all, but we’ll have to make do with rating their greatness instead! Keep reading to see which dogs are featured in this edition of SLWeeklyRatesDogs!

Dory the Laker dog

#1: A Bandana-wearing Buddy

Meet Dory, whose sweet face will make you melt! An adorable black bandana proudly displaying GVSU spirit is sure to warm even the coldest heart.

Rating: 12/10

Pepper the Laker dog

#2: Healthy and Happy

Now there’s no question how masks should be worn thanks to the great example set by our furry friend, Pepper!

Rating: 13/10

Aussie the Laker dog

#3: School Spirit to Spare

Not only sporting a GVSU t-shirt, but pom poms and blue and white beaded necklaces? Aussie is giving Louie the Laker some serious competition for the Laker with the most spirit.

Rating: 13/10


Odie the Laker dog

#4: Picture Perfect

It takes a special kind of dog to be able to look so good in their very own GV dog sweater, but Odie does it with ease.

Rating: 14/10

Champ the Laker dog

#5: Royalty in Blue and White

The absolute king of the throne, Champ, looks paws-itively spectacular in his own Grand Valley t-shirt and dog collar.

Rating: 16/10

Stella the Laker dog

#6: Smiles for Days

Stella’s face shows how happy she is to spread Laker pride! With a smile like that, who wouldn’t want to root for GV?

Rating: 20/10

Whether they’re rocking a bandana, strutting around in a custom t-shirt, or proudly displaying a GVSU collar during each walk, it’s clear that our GV dogs have just as much spirit as we do!

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