Meet the Laker Line!

Posted on July 12, 2019
Written by Leah Erben

Passengers loading and unloading on the new Laker Line bus.

You’re on the bus from Allendale to Grand Rapids, trying to make it to your downtown class. You are standing in the back because every seat is taken, tightly gripping a cold metal bar because even those luxurious black fabric handles have all been claimed. The bus makes stop after stop to pick up more and more gaggles of grumpy students who will have no choice but to awkwardly press their sweaty little bodies up against yours while praying for the day that we will no longer have to live this way. Behold, that day is coming! THANK YOU LAKER LINE!

The Laker Line is a brand new GVSU bus system that will connect the Allendale and Grand Rapids campuses. It is promised to be faster and more comfortable than its Route 50 predecessor. There will be platform-level boarding, advanced ticketing, traffic signal prioritization, and three doors for quicker loading and unloading. The busses will be much longer, allowing for you to finally rediscover what it’s like to have personal space.

The interior of the Laker Line bus.

A map showing the Laker Line's stops.

Additionally, Laker Line passengers will have a more direct route and will share stations with the Silver Line, resulting in a stronger transit network within our community.

We will be building covered stations for you to wait in so you can be shielded from those bitter West Michigan rain and snow storms. These stations will also include real-time arrival info, emergency phones, bike racks, and security cameras. The best part about the Laker Line is that every bus will have free wi-fi so you can keep studying (or keep scrolling through Instagram)!

Our beloved savior Laker Line will be under construction throughout this upcoming year and will be open for business summer of 2020. May the 50 RIP and may Laker Line bring us a new sense of peace and painless transportation. To find out more about the Laker Line, check out the Laker Line Website.

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