Laker Tips & Tricks: Your Guide to Book Sell Back

Posted on December 4, 2019
Written by Beth Baranski

As finals season draws upon us, you may be wondering what to do with that pile of textbooks that you’ll no longer need when the semester ends. Both GVSU bookstores will buy back those textbooks from you and give you some cash to buy your next ones. Read on to find out how to get the most buck for your book!

Step 1: Sort Those Books

Collect up all your textbooks and start organizing! Decide whether or not you’ll need each book later for future classes and divide the books into two separate piles. Once you’ve got your “keep” pile and your “sell” pile, it’s time to move on to the next step! 


Step 2: Check the Condition

So you’ve got your textbooks set aside, ready to make their way back to the Laker store. Now consider the condition. If you bring in books that are beat up and falling apart, the Laker store might give you less money for them. Double-check that you don't have any sticky notes stuck to the pages and that the books are in the best condition they possibly can be.

Step 3: Head to Your Local GVSU Bookstore

Whether you’re in Allendale or Grand Rapids, there’s a Laker store near you that will buy your books! Though both locations will buy textbooks back throughout the entire semester, the best time to sell is during final exams season when the stores will offer a higher price. Worried they’ll somehow notice you bought your book from Amazon instead? Stress no longer, they’ll buy back any required text, regardless of where you first bought it!

A stack of cash money.

Step 4: Make that Money

The easiest step of all: sell your books back to Grand Valley and earn a little cash to put toward a celebratory hot chocolate, a last-minute holiday gift, or your next set of required texts! Making money has never been so simple!

The final step is, of course, to enjoy your well-deserved break and relax! You’ve taken care of your textbooks and now have time to rest your brain and get prepped for the next semester!

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