Laker Tips & Tricks: Warmest Ways to Get Across Campus

Posted on January 14, 2019
Written by Nick Gbur

Mary Idema Pew Library in Winter

Welcome to the winter semester. Yes, it’s cold. We know that with the frigid, glum winter days comes an ever-increasing lack of motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Allow us to show you the warmest ways to get across campus and bump up your attendance score!

Before beginning your journey through the tundra, make sure to take these crucial steps:

  • Get out from under the covers.

  • Bundle up. I’m talking socks, undies, a second pair of socks, long-johns, pants (without holes), a tee-shirt, and a sweater. Layer up!

  • Be sure to eat carbs. We know you’re watching your figure, but winter waits for no man, woman, human, child, nor squirrel. Your body burns extra calories in the cold so eat hearty foods. You don’t want to pass out and allow the wicked winter winds to embrace your body and slowly turn it into an icicle buried under several inches of snow, remaining there until the great thaw of spring.


Another way to avoid becoming a human popsicle is to take the warmest routes through campus, entering various buildings and mad dashing across stretches of open bone-chilling air.

GVSU blue arch in the winter

Leaving from North Campus (Kleiner Area)

Leaving from South Campus (GVA, Laker Village Area)

1: Get to Mackinac; run, skate, scurry, whatever it takes to just get inside.

1: If you start from here, your journey will begin cold. High-tail it to a bus stop or make a beeline towards The Connection. Both of those are followed up with a stop at Kirkhof, so be sure to catch the 48.

2: Then you are going to quietly stroll through MAK toward Fresh, taking care to not interrupt the learning atmosphere of the academic hall.

2: From your stop at Kirkhof, head inside Kirk or the PAC.

3: Once you arrive at Fresh, head down through Fuel toward Padnos.

3: If you are going to Calder, head through Superior to Michigan, dash over to Ontario, then cross through the parking lot and shoot down the hill into Calder.

4: As you continue through Padnos, you will discover that it connects to Loutit Lecture Hall.

4: To head to the Library, go downstairs to find the hallway that connects the LIB with Kirkhof. No cold air required.

5: You will come across glass doors through which you can see the Starbucks and Laker Store beckoning you to spend your hard-earned debit dollars. If this is your destination, brace yourself and cross the street.

5: To get to the Great Lakes Halls or Au Sable, downstairs is still the way to go. Head out toward the pond and into the hall of your choice.

6: For the rest of you, we continue our adventure through Loutit to Henry Hall, which are connected by that area with the fish tanks and the fun coin gravity wells. This is a great place to pause and warm up, because the next stretch through the wilderness is the most difficult (aka our longest stretch in the frosty air).

6: If you’re heading north, you’ve got the long haul ahead of you. You have to trek past the clock tower, past the fountain, and into Henry Hall.

7: Once you reach the easternmost part of Henry Hall, you will be faced with walking past the fountain and clock tower into Kirkhof. This is cold — there is no way around it. My advice? Run.

7: From there you can cut through Loutit into Padnos.

8: Once you’ve arrived in Kirk and have thawed the ice from your eyelashes, either go out toward the PAC or downstairs (depending on your desired destination).

8: Continue your journey to the right, heading down the stairs and out toward Fuel. Then go up the stairs past Fresh and into MAK.

9: Once downstairs, you can get to the LIB without going outside, or you can go toward the pond to get to any of the Great Lakes Halls or Au Sable.

9: From MAK you can get to the North Living Centers and Kleiner, but be warned, you cannot cut through living centers without an access card, so travel at your own risk.

10: If you are going to Calder, head through Superior to Michigan, dash over to Ontario, cross through the parking lot, and shoot down the hill into Calder.


11: If you’re not going to Calder or you’re visiting a friend in any of the South Living Centers, go from Kirkhof to the Connection. You may be tempted to cut through the PAC, but it’s out of your way.


12: Once at The Connection, load up on carbs and then head to your desired living center at a hellish speed.


GVSU clock tower in winter

Hopefully these tips & tricks will make your cross-campus journeys a little warmer. If you need to find an event worth crossing campus for, check out the Events Calendar.

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