Laker Tips & Tricks: How To Stay Motivated in Your Classes

Posted on March 28, 2019
Written by Nick Gbur

Look outside. The snow is melting and the sun has returned, bringing warmth, light, and… distractions. Now that spring is here, there is so much to do on campus, and with those activities returning, it’s easy to put off your class work. Never fear, Laker Tips and Tricks is here to help you stay motivated in your classes!

Learn What You Want to Learn

Think back to the beginning of your college career; do you remember how excited you were to learn? College teaches you specialized knowledge, not just general education like high school. Find the topic in your classes that you are excited to learn about and go to class with that in mind. Ask your professor about it. Read the chapter again. Ask if they have any recommendations to learn more about it. In every class there is something exciting to learn, so find it and use it to drive you.

Student studying in the library with laptop and notebook

Student typing on laptop surrounded by a white board and notebook

Organization is Key

Everything is easier when you know where things are and what’s coming up. Everyone has different organization methods but an easy start would be folders and a planner. Keep everything for one class in one folder. When you need to turn something in, reference an old worksheet, or find a rubric, they’ll all be in the same place. It’s easy to get behind if you don’t know when your assignments are due; use a planner. Write due dates and plan times to work on those assignments. All the time you don’t have scheduled for work you can go experience the outdoors and get reacquainted with the squirrels — we know you missed them.

Find a New Space

It’s often refreshing to find a new space to study and get homework done. Now that it’s warm again, you can even do your work outside. That’s right. Outside. Just imagine it: the warm sun rays lighting your face; the vitamin D returning from its months-long hiatus, fueling you with the will to live, and there’s your work near complete. Nothing between you, the outdoors, and academic success.

2 students studying on an outdoor bench

Reward Your Success

What feels better than academic success? Physical rewards like trophies, chocolate, or taking a bath. I’m not saying that academic success isn’t important. I am saying that it feels even better when paired with a tangible reward. So set goals, and when you reach them, celebrate with a reward. For example, maybe you were on time to all of your classes for a week. Reward yourself by using your debit dollars to buy your favorite snack. Completed a big project? Take a few hours to go to Grand Haven and enjoy the weather — you earned it.

Hopefully, these tips can help you finish your semester with a smile and the sun in the sky. Finish strong, Lakers!

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