Laker Tips & Tricks: How to Get Your Roommate to Like You

Written by Leah Erben

Posted on September 4, 2019

Living with someone you barely know can be an intimidating experience. What if your new roommate likes using the blender at midnight? What if they prefer to store their clothes on the floor? Or worst of all, what if they don’t even like you? Fear not! Here are the top five ways to make sure your roommate likes you and becomes a lasting friend.

Tip #1: Establish boundaries

The key to a strong and successful roommate relationship is solid communication. Let your roommate know what pet peeves you have and encourage them to share theirs with you. If you always go to bed at 10 p.m. and they keep having a gaggle of loud friends over every night until 3 a.m, let them know that it bothers you. If they tell you they need peace and quiet so they can study, maybe you should start wearing headphones instead of blasting your motivational podcast 24/7. Be willing to make compromises and always make sure you’re being open and honest. 

Tip #2: Leave gifts for them

What kind of roommate is going to hate you for showering them with gifts? If all else fails, buy your roommate a pizza and leave heart-shaped, homemade cupcakes waiting for them on their pillow. Some say it’s bribery. We’ll say it’s common courtesy.

Tip #3: Be clean and respectful

Keep your shared spaces tidy. Sometimes leaving your junk throughout your living area will make your roommate feel uncomfortable. Respect your roommate’s space, preferences, and opinions.

Tip #4: Write them poems

While bombarding your roommates with tangible presents is always a good idea, there’s no more powerful gift than a heartfelt poem. Think about the things you like best about your roommate. Their kind heart and their smile that shines brighter than the sun itself? Their deep blue eyes that remind you of a stormy ocean and white-tipped waves crashing into a treacherous rocky shore? The way they always wash their dishes right after using them rather than leaving them in the sink for days? Start to write their best qualities down in metered verse, and your roommate is guaranteed to appreciate and gain a newfound respect for you. 

Tip #5: Go to Student Life events with them

It’s much easier to live with someone if you become friends, and one of the best ways to get to know your roommate is to get out of the house and start doing things together. You can find information online about shows, movies, cookouts, and so many more events happening on campus.

The annual Silent Disco put on by Campus Activities Board.

These five tips are guaranteed to have your roommate screaming to the heavens, “I have the best roommate in the world!” For more information about events coming up on campus and things to do with your roommate, check out the events calendar.

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