Laker Pride 101

Written by Leah Erben

Posted on September 4, 2019

You’re a Laker, and it’s high time the whole world knows it. It’s essential that you wear your blue heart on your sleeve and scream GVSU pride wherever you go. Here are five crucial tips involving GV apparel, cheers, and other ways you can show how grateful and pumped you are to be a Laker.


Why wear normal, boring clothes when you can sport the newest GV blue t-shirt from the Laker Store? Everyone you pass on the street throughout your daily life will know exactly where you go to school if you’re dressed head to toe in official GVSU apparel.

Students wearing matching "Anchor Up GV" T-Shirts.

Anchor Up, Lakers!

There’s no quicker way to show your Laker pride than flashing your friends the anchor up hand signal. Stick your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger out, keep your ring finger and pinky folded against your palm, and BAM — your hand has instantly transformed into an anchor and has proclaimed your love of Grand Valley to all those around you.

A hand in the shape of an L against a sunset.

Selfie with Louie

Louie the Laker is the epitome of Laker pride, and there is no greater joy in life than finding him strolling around campus. Track him down, ask for a selfie, and post the glorious pic on Instagram for the whole universe to see.

Louie the Laker taking a selfie.

Fight Song

Show your true dedication to your school by memorizing the fight song and the most popular GVSU cheers. You don’t have to wait for a sporting event to perform any of them. Sing the fight song at the top of your lungs in the shower, on your way to class, and everywhere you go.

GVSU Fight Song Video

Attend Sporting Events

If you are looking to feel the adrenaline rush from being surrounded by other Lakers who are as enthusiastic about the GVSU community as you are, go to a GV sporting event. You will get the chance to wear all of your GV apparel, hold up your “Anchor up, Lakers!” hand signal, and sing all the GV songs and cheers your heart can handle. The very first football game of the season is September 7 at 7 p.m. in Lubbers Stadium. 

Students watching a Laker football game.

Lakers know that being a GVSU student is something to be proud of, and these tips will help you easily and effectively declare your passion for your school. For more information about upcoming football games at GVSU, check out the official football schedule.

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