Laker Love Stories: How Love Blooms at GVSU

Written by Sarah Krishef
Posted on February 11, 2021

This Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating the Lakers who have found love here at GV. Relationships based on mutual trust and understanding can come from anywhere, and these just happened to bloom right here on campus.
The stories of these four couples will warm even the loneliest of hearts.

Couple hugging  in winter weather.
Couple holding heart shaped candies in their palms
Boyfriend giving a piggyback to his girlfriend

#1. Rachel and Alex

Rachel met her boyfriend, Alex, in October 2019. “Alex works at the Climbing Center and after several visits, Alex and I got to know each other,” says Rachel. “It’s all history from there.”

Aside from participating in GV’s Rock Climbing Club, Rachel and Alex also enjoy playing ping pong with Alex’s residents and eating at their favorite dining halls, like Fusion. Rachel’s service dog, Stella, follows them everywhere they go.

#2. Andrea and Kes

“I saw her dancing with such happy and dorky energy, doing the shoulder-jig and things like that, and I just HAD to talk to her,” Andrea, says, recalling the first time she met Kes. “I was really nervous obviously, I thought she was super duper cute!” It wasn’t until a full year later that Andrea confessed.

When they can’t sleep, Andrea and Kes sometimes wander campus in their pajamas and watch the stars. With Andrea being an international student from Mexico and Kes at one point considering a transfer, they could have ended up in very different places. But after being with Kes for a year and a half, Andrea says she’s never been happier.

#3. Stephanie and Christopher

Two years and two months ago in 2018, the Russel H. Kirkhof Center hosted a meeting for GVSU’s Bowling Team. It was there that Stephanie and Christopher met. 

Because of the amount of time they spent in their student organization, Stephanie and Christopher were able to spend a lot of time with each other. “We bonded so quickly because of our similar interest,” Stephanie recalls. Neither of them had expected to find love on the Bowling Team, but nevertheless, Stephanie and Christopher managed to bowl their way into each other’s hearts.

#4. Christine and Nathan

Christine first met their partner Nathan at the Mary Idema Pew Library. Since then, this couple has been together for a year and a half.

“My partner is White, so it was very interesting trying to understand what it meant to be in an interracial relationship,” Christine says. Nathan joined Christine at their writing club, a safe space for on-campus writers of color. There, Nathan could learn more about Christine’s identity as a passionate writer and a Black individual.

Christine and Nathan enjoy walking in nature, visiting gardens, and playing video games. “I love them deeply and I'm so grateful for Grand Valley being there to bring us closer together,” says Christine.

One of the greatest parts of your college experience is the people you get to meet along the way, and these Lakers were lucky enough to find love without even having to leave campus.
Whether or not you have your own Laker love, check out the events calendar for upcoming Valentine’s Day activities!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Campus

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