Introducing the 2022 Spring Concert Headliner: Yung Gravy!

Written by Leah Erben and Andreas Fields
Posted on March 16, 2022

Spring Concert 2022

The GVSU Spring Concert is back, and this year’s concert will be headlined by the one and only YUNG GRAVY! In order to ensure that you’re ready for Yung Gravy’s arrival in Allendale, check out these important facts about the rapper and Tik Tok sensation himself.

1. He's already released tons of music.

Since his official debut in 2016, Yung Gravy has been quite the prolific artist. He has already released seven EPs, three albums, and a mixtape. His most popular songs include "oops!", "Mr. Clean", "Welcome to Chilis", and "Whip a Tesla".

Check out this Tik Tok!

2. He's a native midwesterner.

Yung Gravy is not "country gravy". He was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota and attended the University of Wisconsin where he began his music career. While others might not be used to the heavy Michigan snowfall and chilly temperatures, Yung Gravy is bound to feel right at home.

Yung Gravy headshot

3. He's an avid reader.

And we found proof.

Check out this Tik Tok!

4. He loves Martha Stewart.

No, like he REALLY loves Martha Stewart.

Check out this Tik Tok!

The Spring Concert will be on Saturday, April 2 in the GVSU Fieldhouse Arena. Tickets are available NOW, exclusively online. If you and your friends don't grab them soon, you may be making a "grave" mistake!

Hop on the Gravy Train and get tickets now!

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