How to Prepare for a GVSU Football Game

Written by Leah Erben and Trevor Bryan
Re-Posted on January 18, 2019

It’s almost another game day Lakers, and you might be asking yourself how to prepare with a new, refreshing approach.

A Face Painted for the Football gods

Give Louie a run for his money with some blue, white, and black face paint. Either slather the lot on your face to cover up the stress pimples, or have some fun and paint cute little anchors on there. However you want to paint, just keep it respectful and oozing Laker Pride.

Laker fans painted blue with "Lakers" spelled out on their bodies

Wear Your Blue Heart On Your Sleeve

Not only should your face reflect that you bleed blue, but your clothes as well. Make sure to check the GVSU Athletics page to find out whether or not there is a theme for the week and dress accordingly. Nothing says Anchor Up like spirit gear, so make sure to stop by the Laker Store if you need to stock up!

Louie the Laker pointing at the camera

Learn the Fight Song

There is nothing more devastating than a Laker that knows only half of the words to the GVSU fight song. It makes Louie the Laker cry the tears that fill the Grand River. Save us all the heartache and do a quick google search before going to the game.

GVSU football crowd chanting the fight song

Research The Opposing (losing) Team

A responsible crowd member will have at least a few facts under their belt about the opposing team. Whether it’s basic facts like who their quarterback is, or some legitimate stats and strategies on how to defeat them, bring it all to the bleachers.

Banner labeled "Beat SVSU"

Vocal Warm-ups

You might need to drink a little herbal tea in preparation and do some vocal sirens, because every Laker game is filled with blood curdling screams of passion. Tongue twisters, lip trills, and throat lozenges are all helpful tools that are going to save your voice and allow you to fully participate. If you aren’t prepared to shout “ANCHOR UP” at the top of your lungs, then you do not have true GVSU pride.  

GVSU students singing at a football game

Prepare As If You Were Hitting the Field

Carbo load. Gulp down Gatorade. Stretch. The more your head is in the game, the better, and that goes for your body as well.

GVSU football team running out onto the football field

Footballs games are not for the ill-prepared. Do your homework and come to the game with the true fiery Laker passion that burns within us all. For a complete schedule of sporting events, go to

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