How to Have a Holly Jolly Holiday at GVSU

Written by Leah Erben and Re-Posted on January 18, 2019

multi colored Christmas lights


‘Tis the season for draining your bank account by purchasing countless knick-knacks for the people you care about. Make it a fun outing by grabbing some friends and going to the mall — if you’re lucky, you might even get to see Santa. And if you completely run out of money for presents, remember that everyone appreciates a homemade card.


Throw a cookie-baking party and make all sorts of holiday-shaped treats with your friends. Don’t you dare skimp on the icing, and always remember that sprinkles are a must.  

Deck the Halls

Head over to Goodwill or the Dollar Store and buy as many holiday decorations as you can afford. Then go home and cover the walls with lights, garland, glitter, and snow. If it doesn’t look like a full winter wonderland in there, you’re doing it wrong.

Movie Marathon

What’s more fun than a cozy night in watching all the holiday classics? There’s nothing more magical than whipping up some hot chocolate, grabbing some blankets, and settling down on the couch for hours of holiday cheer.

Caroling on Campus

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas Carol? Throw on a hat and some gloves and just start knocking on peoples’ doors until someone opens it. Then begin some of the holiday classics in four-part harmony, and watch as their jaws drop to the ground in awe. If you’re lucky, they might even invite you in for some hot chocolate and stories by the fire.

Play in the Snow

You’re never too old to build a snowman. Throw on your snow pants and get outside in the fresh air! Have a snowball fight, build a fort, or just make snow angels for nostalgia’s sake.

Now that you’re sure to have the perfect holiday experience and are guaranteed to be as jolly as St. Nick himself, head to the GVSU events calendar so you’re up to date on everything happening on campus. Happy holidays!

Page last modified March 19, 2019